Category: Trip 5

23rd July – over the sea and an interesting route home

Dieppe – Newhaven – Brighton – St Pancras – Sheffield – Stockport – Crewe – Wrenbury

22nd July – through Brittany to Rouen and Dieppe

Nantes – Rennes – Granville – Caen – Rouen Rive Droite – Dieppe

21st July – into France for a look around Nantes and a glimpse of their famous elephant

Geneve – Lyon Part Dieu – Nantes

20th July – one more adventure in Italy before crossing into Switzerland

Bologna Centrale – Verona Porta Nuova – Milano Centrale – Lausanne – Geneve

19th July – over the hills to baking hot Bologna

Lucca – Pistoia – Poretta Terme – Bologna Centrale

18th July – a day in Lucca

As it turned out, taking a break here was helpful, and not just for avoiding heatstroke. Some issues were going on in my work world, which needed attention … Read more

17th July – an unwelcome taste of the heatwave on the way to Lucca

Roma Termini – Pisa Centrale – Lucca

16th July, an early start for the long journey to Rome

Siracusa – Villa San Giovanni – Roma Termini

15th July, a day in Siracusa and an evening in the Greek Theatre

Siracusa is the only place that I’ve planned to spend two nights on this trip. The starting point for the whole adventure was buying a ticket for a concert here.

14th July – more coaches, more heat, and beautiful Siracusa

Agrigento Centrale – Roccapalumba-Alia – Dittaino – Catania Aeroporto Fontanarossa – Siracusa

13th July – when planning ahead is not a good plan!

Palermo – Roccapalumba-Alia – Agrigento

12th July – a new Interrail adventure begins – with a flight

Wrenbury – Crewe – London Euston – Tottenham Hale – Stansted Airport – Palermo Airport – Palermo