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Day 4 – Wernigerode – Berlin, and a look at the Reichstag

Wernigerode – Magdeburg – Rosslau – Berlin

Day 3 – Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

Wernigerode – Brocken – Wernigerode
OK that’s a real mouthful. HSB is better known to English speakers as the Harz railway, a network of narrow gauge railways, of which the line to the summit of the Brocken is the most dramatic.

Day 2 – Wuppertal and the legendary suspended railway

Antwerp – Breda – Eindhoven – Venlo – Breyell – Wuppertal – Hannover – Goslar – Wernigerode.
Seven trains, a rail replacement bus, and three trips on the Schwebebahn. This was an epic day with a bucket list item well and truly ticked off.